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Glass Eggs & Chicken Wire

I thought this was a pretty grouping and made a nice picture:

chicken wire

In my opinion, you just can’t go wrong decorating with chicken wire.  Also, glass eggs fascinate me.  Is that what they’re called, glass eggs?


I’d say my Mom was a pretty decent seamstress as she was able to make anything from simple pillows all the way up to some pretty difficult dresses and beautifully shaped and lined curtains.

So, when I was about 16 years old, she tried to impart some of her awesome sewing skills onto me.  We tried to make an apron and I’m not even sure that I finished it.  I just remember that sewing was not something I had either the desire for or the patience for at the time.

All these years later and I now have the sewing bug.  After mulling it over for a couple of years, I finally signed up for a sewing class and went out and bought a sewing machine and couldn’t have been more excited!  In fact, after two classes, I’m still excited.  Excited to keep going and to keep learning.

My first project in the class was a cute little draw string bag that I just finished up.  I love the fabric my daughter chose (it will be her bag).  The second project currently in the works is a pair of pajama pants, again for my daughter.

Sewing project 1

I mean who doesn’t love space monkey pajama pants!!  I think my Mom would be proud of me.

Can’t Stand the Cuteness

Lately I’ve been just a tad obsessed with photographing my pets.  I’m pretty sure this is because I recently got an Instagram account (follow me, @tealbluecherry).  Instagram is full of so many darn cute pictures of dogs and cats!  So here’s my spoiled sister (she’s my parents dog) in all her cuteness:


maggie edit

Three houses ago I had a pretty decent sized master bath with a separate shower and a garden tub.  The toilet was in it’s own little room that you could shut the door to.  It also had separate vanities for myself and my husband.  Yes I said SEPARATE!

But then circumstances change and now three houses later I’ve got a pretty small master bath that only has a shower.  This has become my husband’s bath since there’s only really room for one person.  So my daughter and I share the hall bath.

A few months ago we were finally able to do a small-ish remodel on the hall bath and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out.  It’s nothing fancy, ya’ll.  But it’s way better than it used to be.  This bathroom has one small window that has frosted glass so even on the sunniest of days not much natural light gets through.

We removed a wall between the sink and the toilet that had a door frame that once held a door separating the toilet from the sink.  It was making the long narrow bathroom seem even more cramped and tight, so IT HAD TO GO!  We also added some recessed lighting, removed popcorn ceiling, put in new tile and new vanity with new countertop and sink.  If I could’ve moved the tub (which is located behind the other wall near the toilet) and toilet it would’ve been heaven, but the expense for this house wasn’t justifiable, nor was it in the budget.  Here are the before’s and after’s:

bathroom before 3

bathroom before 2

So much more open!  It makes me happy and that, folks, is surely enough!

My Love for Cherries

So in my last post I wrote about how much stuff I have and need to get rid of and today I will showcase a little bit of my stuff that I plan to keep!

When I went off to college, my Mom and I had a great time decorating my apartment.  My obsession for the kitchen was cherries and teapots.  So, all these years later (I’m really not that old), I have some cherries and I have some teapots and of course I have some cherry teapots.  This is probably one of the biggest cherry pieces I have:

cookie jar

I still love my Mary Engelbreit cookie jar.  It’s a keeper!

My favorite cherry piece though just might be this:

cherry light off

cherry light on

Just beautiful.  I’m so thankful it’s survived intact all these years.  Again, I’m really not that old.

Drowning in Stuff…

best things

I’ve been struggling lately with stuff.  Literally, stuff.  I have entirely too much stuff.

I’ve probably always had too much stuff, but never really felt like it was overwhelming, or taking over my life in any way.  Afterall, I LOVE stuff.  The kind of stuff I’m referring to includes knick-knacks, books, old toys, papers, art work, kitchen stuff, antique kitchen stuff.  I mean you name it, I probably got it.

The straw that broke the camel’s back though was when I started losing loved ones and began receiving things that belonged to them.  I lost six family members in a two year span a few years back, one of those losses being my Mom.

It was such a hard time on so many levels dealing with everything that happened during that period.  After someone dies, their things must be dealt with – like it or not.  My guest room has slowly become more of a storage room of sorts with things stacked solidly in the closet and other things shoved under the bed and even more things billowing out onto the floor stacked up against the wall.

I seriously panicked after watching a few episodes of Hoarders on A&E because my guest room was looking eerily similar to those horrid heaps and mounds of things stacked upon things that this show portrays.  Every now and then we’d have company come stay and I would cram and pack and make it look presentable but somehow, after the guests left, more stuff would make it’s way into that room.

We’ve recently done a little bit of remodeling to our kitchen/utility and as I’m putting everything back together, I’m also realizing it’s time to let go.

I just ran across the best essay on this subject over at theminimalists.comThis essay really puts all this into perspective for me and has helped me to realize that all of these things are simply that, just things.  It’s ok to let go of someone else’s things.  Even if you know for a fact that they loved a certain item, it doesn’t mean that you have to love that item, and it certainly doesn’t mean that, if you let that item go, you love the departed any less, or are dishonoring them or their memory somehow.

I’ll definitely keep some cherished items, but just a few will suffice.  Another great tip I read somewhere (can’t remember where) is to take pictures of sentimental items before letting them go.  It’s just as fun to look at the picture and go back to that moment in time…that moment when your Mom bought that cool Christmas Village display and couldn’t wait to get home and put it all together for you.  What a great Christmas that was, and, of course, what a great Mom she was.

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