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More paint colors for 2014

Here is another Houzz article about popular paint colors for 2014.  This article has quite a few more options showcased than the article I linked to previously.

The hues are fantastic in my opinion and are giving me ideas to repaint my office/craft room, which is currently a camel color that I’ve grown tired of.

I’m thinking of using something similar to the Valspar Winter in Paris as an overall color and then adding an accent color of Valspar Night Scape.  This is a room that you see when you first walk into my house so I’d really like to make it look unique but without being too trendy.

If only…

If only I could bear to spend $70.95 for a doggie bed, then this would be the bed I would get for my old pup.  A perfect follow up to my last post.

Shag Pet Bed

It’s from Joss and Main.  Love it.

She’s an old pup

I bought a bean bag for my daughter’s room a few months ago.  Little did we know that our 14 year old dog would take ownership of it as a very over-sized and very cushy doggie bed.

When I entered my daughter’s room the other morning to wake her up for school, this is what I found:

Sally1Of course I got caught snapping the picture:

Sally2And yes, that is a diaper on the dog.  At 14 years old, she can no longer make it through the night without having an accident so after scratching our heads for a minute, we came up with this solution. 

I gotta say, it has worked out really well.  The diaper stays on through the night 98% of the time and although it’s not wet every single morning it’s definitely saved me from cleaning up messes dozens of times. 

I’ve found that ordering them on Amazon is cheaper than buying them at my local pet store.  Amazon is so crazy with their pricing though, you just kinda have to watch and catch them at their lowest price.  I’ve ordered them for as low as $22 for a month’s supply.


My favorites…

Cherries present

Jessie Steele salt & pepper shakers.

Even the box they came in is cute!

New Season, New Color

I came across this article on Houzz about 4 popular paint colors for 2014.

I do like the palettes, especially #3 and #4.

I’ve got painting fever, probably being brought about by Spring fever.  We’ve had some warmer weather the last few days, what a relief!

First thing’s first, however.  My daughter wants her room painted tiffany blue and lime green – I think we shall!

Is it Just Me?

I just love looking through Joss and Main’s website.

7 out of 10 times I will find something I really, really, really want.

2 out of 10 times I will buy something.

I kinda have to buy something at least once a month so I can keep my free shipping credits rolling.  Good excuse, huh?

Today, I’d really like this:

Willa Wall Rack

Or this:

Dalia Table Lamp II in Blue (Set of 2)

Decisions, decisions.

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